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Matthew Maldonado

Photographic Specialist

Possibly the Next Stanley Kubrick
Matthew was born in Fresno during the last century, but just barely. For some reason, referring to the last century makes Matthew seem aged and full of wisdom, and make no mistake, Matthew is full of wisdom.

Growing up in Fresno, Matthew loved watching movies. He showed a great interest in how the movies were made. His mother wanted to encourage his creativity, but didn’t want to move the family to Hollywood, so instead, she bought him a Canon 35mm SLR camera. That camera changed his life. Matthew instantly developed a passion for photography. Absorbing and learning everything he could about the technical aspects of photography, his knowledge grew, as did his skills.

Matthew loves shooting 35mm and 120mm film, especially portraiture. He delights in the challenge of putting together a composition of multiple subjects. Matthew’s long term goal is to work towards a career as a director. He would love to follow in the footsteps of Stanley Kubrick, who as a young man, started as a still photographer before becoming a director. Kubrick’s experience as a fine art photographer gave him his signature style with lighting and scene composition. Matthew is working on his own signature style. Come into Horn Photo and see Matthew! He would love to hear your photography stories, answer your questions, and share his knowledge and experience with you.

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