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Keegan Witte


100% Likable

We are so sure that you will like Keegan Witte, that we are banking on it.  Come in and meet Keegan free of charge.  If you are not completely satisfied with his personality, we will give you a full refund.  

Keegan’s a super interesting guy, and the perfect fit for Horn Photo.    

He will listen to you intently as you talk about photography.  He loves the subject.  But if you really want him to geek out on a topic, bring up vegetable gardening, or home coffee roasting.

His big into regenerative farming.  While many of us are still sleeping, Keegan is outside at the first light of day tending to the crops on his two acres.  We love it too, because he shares the fruits (and vegetables) of his labor with us at Horn Photo.  One of Keegan’s other big passions is home coffee roasting. 

Keegan has other hobbies besides growing food and roasting coffee.  Keegan, his wife, and their son and daughter spend time together enjoying water sports and snow sports.   He truly has more hobbies than he has time, but he manages to squeeze as much out of life as he possibly can.

Keegan’s education and job history is all about business.  He’s a graduate of UC Davis and Fresno State.  He worked his way up the ranks with Bank of the West,  then worked for the Assemi Group, and most recently was the CFO of Granville Homes.  

How did Keegan wind up as President of Horn Photo?  He was recruited for the position by Teamshares (the organization that bought Horn Photo from Stan and Shelly Grosz in 2022, to transition it to an employee-owned business.)

The timing was perfect. Keegan was already contemplating a career change when Teamshares contacted him and asked him to consider becoming president of Horn Photo.  He was familiar with Horn Photo, loved the store’s unique culture and was always impressed by the knowledgeable and friendly staff.  After spending some time talking with Teamshares, Keegan was highly impressed with their philosophies, business model and objective of helping small businesses become employee-owned.  The rest is history in the making.

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