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Dennis Silva

Photo Lab Tech

Board Certified Photo Nerd

We haven’t discovered any videos of Dennis Silva wearing a Jedi costume while swinging around a light saber in his garage, but make no mistake.  Dennis Silva is a nerd.  Nerds tend to specialize, and Dennis happens to be a Board Certified Photo Nerd.  

Dennis’ background and education is in mechanical engineering, which goes with his love and knowledge of science and technology.  He is the perfect guy to work in our Photo Lab!   Dennis applies his knowledge towards making sure that your prints, scans and film developing are the best they can possibly be.

When Dennis is not in our Photo Lab, you may find him up in the Sierras, Coast Range or Great Basin hiking and testing out gear.  He’s used film cameras from the 1980, all the way up to the latest cutting edge mirrorless cameras and finds things to love about each of them.

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