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Darrin Armstrong

Camera and Video Guru

His second language is BIRD.

Meet Darrin Armstrong. He is our Camera and Video Guru. He is also a Waterfowl Calling guru. Darrin understands and imitates the complex language of ducks, geese and other waterfowl. He has been competing in Waterfowl Calling Contests since 2011 with people from all over the world.

Now, Waterfowl Calling may not be your "calling" but it is a fascinating subject. And Darrin is a super interesting guy.

How did Darrin end up as the Camera and Video Guru at Horn Photo? Because he loves photography. Darrin grew up in Kerman, spent his free time hunting and fishing. The scenery he was surrounded by was so beautiful, that he wanted to share it with others. That's how photography became an important part his life.

You will find Darrin behind our camera counter. Not only does he speak in Bird, but he provides superb customer service. Darrin has years of prior experience in retail and retail management. He genuinely wants our customers to know that they're important.  

Come and talk with Darrin. He's eager to hear about your experiences with photography and nature.

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