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Danielle Roach-Vieira

Camera Photo and Video Specialist

Q. What do Barbados, Canada and Horn Photo have in common?

A. Danielle Roach-Vieira!

Danielle Roach-Vieira was born and raised in Barbados. When she was 14, Danielle moved to Ottawa, Canada.  Talk about a change. She went from the tropics to the freezer.  Danielle had never seen snow before, but what really amazed her was when she saw her breath for the first time, and it wasn’t from eating limburger cheese!  

Danielle is adventurous. She has been all over the world, lived in numerous places, and even spent time living on a boat. These experiences opened her mind and unlocked her curiosity and creativity. One of the ways she expresses her creativity is through her photography. Check out some of her pictures on her website:

Danielle pursued her passion and received an AA in Photography from a community college. She specialized in concert, sports and newspaper photography.

After community college, Danielle studied at York University in Toronto, and received Bachelor’s Degrees in both Anthropology, and Professional Writing. She specialized in Mayan Archeology.

The entire time Danielle was going to school, she worked at the famous Henry’s Photo Store in Toronto.  After several years, she left Henry’s to shoot weddings, and worked as a photographer for a charity organization in Toronto.  

How did she end up in Fresno?  She married a Valley local, who is a professor at CSUF.

Come in and talk to Danielle! She is super knowledgeable, really friendly, and a great listener. Danielle is eager to help you with your photography needs.

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