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Brandon Burt

Camera and Photo Specialist

“Happy 8th Birthday, Brandon.  Here’s your first camera!”

Those words shaped Brandon Burt’s life.  He has been passionate about photography and videography ever since Brandon got that first camera as a young child.  So much so that he went on to graduate from Fresno State with a Bachelor’s Degree in Multimedia and Communications.

Brandon’s primary interest is in videography and film making, however he also loves still photography.  His favorite subject is wildlife photography.  He loves the randomness that comes with capturing wild animals with his camera.  

You’ll find Brandon behind our camera counter.  He’s full of knowledge and experience.  But wait…There’s More!!!  He also has charisma, pizzazz, oomph and charm!  You will want to take him home with you, but you can’t because we need him at Horn Photo.

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