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Anthony Cain

Lab Tech

Film runs through his blood

Meet Anthony.  He’s friendly, outgoing and interesting.  If you tell Anthony what your favorite movie is, he has probably seen it.  Film runs through his blood, and takes up much of his brain.   

Anthony’s overwhelming passion for film and photography started when he was four years old and saw his very first movie, Jurassic Park.   One would think that a better first movie for a four year old might be Finding Nemo or Monster’s Inc., but somehow, it wasn’t.  Seeing Jurassic Park at that age did keep him awake at night, but not because he was traumatized.  It lit fire in Anthony that has burned bright ever since.   Early in his life, Anthony decided to create his own movies.

All throughout his school years, Anthony watched as many movies as he could.  He liked the way they looked, the way they sounded, and was fascinated by how they were made.  

His desire to make movies led him to get involved with still photography.   He often uses his still photography to help him visualize potential movie scenes.  He also takes pictures of what he encounters throughout his day and posts them on his Instagram Account #thepicboi.  Anthony says that photography allows him to show the world how he sees the world.  

Anthony often has more than one movie in the works.  He writes them, casts them and films them.  Most of Anthony’s friends are also movie creators.  They have formed a tight-knit group and support each other’s projects by serving as actors and providing technical assistance.   

As with many artists, Anthony’s art is more about the process than the product.  Anthony says “Creating movies is something I have to do”. 

We are happy to have Anthony as a member of the Horn Photo team!

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