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Alissa Kennedy

Marketing Director

Totally Not a Pyro

Meet Alissa Kennedy. Seeing her is a rare sight, some would even say she’s a mythical creature, but really we just hide her in the back to produce our media content. She will come out of hiding for coffee and donuts, to talk about film photography, or if you ask to say hi! 

Alissa is bringing a fresh eye to Horn Photo’s brand and marketing! We recently imported her from San Diego, and she is delighted to return to her roots in the Photography & Photo Print industry, and to her hometown of Fresno. She is a multimedia powerhouse with a spectrum of skills ranging from digital marketing, graphic design, web design, branding, in addition to photography, videography, image retouching, and video editing. She has a Bachelors of Science in Web Design and Development from Chicago. Not only that, her wit is as sharp as her eyeliner! Alissa spent years in the marketing industry working for marketing agencies, corporate in-house marketing departments, and working with charity organizations. She has created social media content for instagram accounts with tens-of-thousands and even millions of followers! She is also a retouch artist who works on some of our photo restorations!

Alissa started her journey with photography in high school where she took 2 years of darkroom classes; we’re talking real dodging and burning! She fell in love with simple “toy cameras”, and she delights in creating out-of-this-world film photos through a process called “cross processing” where she runs slide film through color negative chemistry to create unpredictable color shifted photos. Alissa has an extensive knowledge of film photography and is on a personal mission to share the love of analog photography with more people. She has a passion for fire photography, some would even say an obsession, and she shares the wisdom that "anything can be a fire prop once!" She loves a city grunge aesthetic, wildflower photography, and any excuse to use color lights. Feel free to say hello next time you stop by Horn Photo!

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