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Alan Alvarez

Camera Photo and Video Specialist

He's contagious!

Alan Alvarez's enthusiasm for photography is contagious, but not the bad kind of contagious that necessitates wearing a mask. Here's what we mean: When Alan hears people talk about his favorite subject, film photography, he gets excited. And when Alan gets in on the conversation, he gets even more excited. He practically bursts with excitement. Alan is imaginative and very creative. His brain is awash with photo, video, and graphics design ideas that have an element of surprise in them. He likes turning his ideas into photo projects. It's Alan's creative outlet. Alan would love to see and hear about the photo projects that you have done.

Come in and talk to Alan and you'll see what we mean. But be careful. Wear an apron. You might get some of his excitement on you, and it doesn't wash off easily.

Here are two more tidbits of information about Alan that are not related to photography:     1. He spoke Spanish before he learned English.     2. He makes killer fish tacos.

Come in and talk photography with Alan. You choose which language: Spanish, English or a combo.

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