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You asked for a Sale on the Hottest Bags Ever!


Horn Photo’s most popular bags are on sale soon!  But It ends JULY 3rd when we close at 6pm!!    
Think Tank and Mind Shift, two trendy and progressive camera bag makers, will be 20% off!  That includes their line of accessories.  Sale starts June 1st and ends June 21st.
This is a nation wide sale.  The prices of their products will be the same whether you purchase your bag online at B&H Camera or at Horn Photo.  So, go with your conscience, and support your local small business!  
Our staff have sold thousands of these bags throughout the years.  They know their features from top to bottom.  Come see them in person, or order them from our online store to take advantage of our drive up service.

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There are many types bags to choose from.  We can help you decide which bag best suits your needs.  Check out our blog and watch the short videos for details on just a few of the bags we have in stock.
Let’s get you started by asking you a few questions:

1. What kind of shooting do you do?

There is a countless variety of what people carry, how they like to get access to their equipment and what conditions they will be shooting in.    
Here is a video about a backpack bag that lets you get your gear out while you are wearing the bag!  Hope their designers and engineers get paid a lot, because they deserve it.  
To See MIND SHIFT in Stock

2. What equipment do you use?

What type of camera do you have?  Mirrorless or DSLR?  How many lenses, and what size?  What about a tripod?  Will you want your camera bag to be equipped to carry your tripod?   Have your Goldilocks moment when you find the perfect size for you.  Think Tank and Mind Shift have all sizes from very small to extra large.  From backpack style, to slings, to rolling cases.

Check out these videos, each showing unique bags that are carried in different ways:
Backpack bags:
Rolling Backpacks:
Shoulder sling bags:

3. Will you travel by air?

To See Think Tank in Stock @ 20% OFF
Do you want to take your gear with you on the plane?  Then a bag that will fit into the carry-on bin will be a good choice for you.  Don’t be stuck in a situation where you find out at the last minute that your bag does not meet the airlines carry-on requirements, and you have to leave the boarding line to check your bag.  Then you find out when you get to your destination, that your bags are lost, or the equipment has been damaged.  IT’S THAT IMPORTANT TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT BAG!!!
Check out the Airport Essentials
We have bags made especially for air travel.  Here’s a video about just one of Think Tank’s Airport Series.

4. Would you like carry a laptop, a sandwich and a juice box?

You can easily carry your laptop AND a tablet with your gear if you choose the right bag.   Add a PBJ, and a juice box, and you’re set to go.
Here’s a video about a backpack style bag that reminds us of one of those clown cars, where an implausibly large number of clowns keep emerging from a very small car. Warning:  Please do not put clowns in this bag.

5.  Do you want to travel light?

Simplify!  Perhaps you want to take your camera and a few accessories, but not get bogged down with a ton of gear.  Go with a simple,hardly know it’s there, bag.
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6.  How’s your back feeling?

You have the option of never carrying your boatloads of gear in a bag on your back.  That’s why cavemen invented wheels!  Really.  They did it with future camera bags in mind.   Check this one out:

7. Are you all about style?

If you want a functional bag that people will think you inherited from your WWII photographer great grandpa, then check out this Think Tank Retrospective Backpack.  It’s one of our most popular bags.
Think Tank Retrospective Backpack

Check out the Retrospect Bag
Remember—-June1st through 21st.  We have a wide selection, but a limited number of each style.  Make sure you come in early and get the one you love!

Thanks for reading!

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