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Get ready for our upcoming


We are OPEN and having an archiving sale! What does that mean?  That means you’ll be able to save your precious memories to digital for 20% off. But the clock is ticking ⏰. Sale ENDS JULY 3rd when we close at 6pm!
Does going through your old photos can seem like a daunting task?  Where do you begin? We’ll make this super easy for you to do.  
Here’s what you do:  Open up a box of old pictures and videos, any box.  It doesn’t have to be the best box.  It can be the box that just fell off of your closet shelf.   Then pick one item to save.  That’s right.  JUST ONE.  It can be a photograph, slide, negative, or video tape.  That is all you need to take that first step in saving your memories.  
If the mood strikes and you get ambitious, pick more than one!  Gather up as many old photos, videos, slides and negatives as you like!  
As soon as we open,  bring it (or them) in, and we’ll save them to digital for you!
We have been saving people’s precious images for decades.  We call it archiving.  It is one of the most important services that we provide.   It’s crucial for people to save their family photos to digital so that they last forever. Photos fade, tapes degrade and can become brittle. Make sure yours are saved on digital before it’s too late, and they’re gone forever!
You may have questions about our archiving services.  Take the time to read our answers, and you’ll know just what to expect when we open our doors back up.
Print Scanning will be on Sale when we re-open!

1. What services will be included in your JUST ONE sale?  

•    One video transfer to digital
•    One old photo to copy
•    One slide to scan
•    One negative to scan
•    One print to restore

2. Can I bring more than one?

Yes!  You will be able to bring as many as you want!  

3.  How will you save my videos?  

We will transfer your VHS tape to either a DVD or a USB drive.  If you have a DVD player or DVD drive on your computer and if you don’t plan on editing your video, transferring it to a DVD might be your best option.  If you don’t have a DVD player or a DVD drive, and you plan on editing your old video, transferring to a USB drive will be the way to go.
Video transfers will be on Sale when we re-open!
For Video Transfer info and pricing go here: htps://hornphoto.com/video-services

4. Can you scan my old photos, negative or slides onto a disk?

Yes.  When we re-open, bring in your old print, negative or a slide and we will scan it for you and save it to a DVD.

5. You used to have a minimum of 10 prints or slides for scanning.  Has that changed?

Yes.  In the past, we have required a minimum of 10 prints, negatives or slides for scanning.  When we re-open, we will be offering to scan just one.  Just one print, just one negative, just one slide.  You get the picture!  
For Archiving info and pricing go here: https://hornphoto.com/archiving

6. How long will it take to have items saved?

We will be working full steam ahead once we re-open.  All of our staff and equipment will be working hard to get your orders done as quickly as possible.
Generally speaking, we will be able to complete most orders in 3 to 5 days after we receive them. However it can take longer if you have multiple items, such as video transfers, negative scans, etc.  If you have just one photo to copy,  it may take as little as 24 hours.    
We always prioritize orders that are for funerals or memorial services.  We just need to know if that is the case.

7.  What about photo restoration?

We will be including photo restoration in our 20% off Just One Sale.  When we re-open, bring in the image you want restored and tell us what you would like done.  Our staff will evaluate the photo, and discuss with you the options for the best possible results.  We will give you a quote before we do any work.  
We don’t have a specific price list for our restoration services, since each project is unique.  The prices vary depending upon the complexity of the project, as does the amount of time it takes to do the work.  Our staff will have answers for you when they look at your image.    
Once again, if the restoration is for a funeral or memorial service, please let us know, and we will meet your time requirements.
For Restoration info and pricing go here: https://hornphoto.com/retouching-restoration

What we will not be able to do:

We cannot reproduce or archive images that are copyrighted.  For example, any portrait that was taken and printed by a professional photographer, cannot be reproduced without permission from that photographer. Likewise, a video from a television show cannot be reproduced, unless it is a news story that you are in or is about your family.