It’s My Job!

Why am I flying to Denver for you?

Jimmy Buffet nailed it! Click to have a listen.

Turn the Volume up and enjoy Jimmy's words about life.

Here’s what happened this morning.  My wife, Shelly, was taking me to the airport so I could get on a plane and fly to the PRO Convention in Denver when Jimmy Buffet’s song, “It’s My Job” came on the radio.  Wow.  That really hit home.  I love that song, and I love my job!  

The PRO Convention is where I can see and hear about the latest products that our customers and staff will fall in love with.  
It’s my job to listen to you and our other customers, and make sure that we carry the products that you want.
As Shelly pulled up to the airport,  I started singing my own version of that song:
It’s my job to be talking with the reps
Getting all the scoop on what’s new and cool
It’s my job to be buying all the best
cam-er-a gear for you
Right before I got out of the car, my wife told me to stick to doing my job and not to pursue any dreams being a singer in a lounge act. Good advice. 
Shelly and I agree that one of the best pieces of advice that Horn Photo ever took was to join the PRO co-op.  Many of your favorite products, events, and business practices were in some way born at a PRO convention.  
I always leave the annual PRO Convention feeling uplifted and motivated to continue to being the best at my job for you and all of our other customers.  
Are you curious about the PRO Convention?  Read on, and you’ll feel like you right there with me!

What Is PRO?  

P.R.O. stands for Photographic Research Organization.  It's a co-op that is made up of over 100 independently owned camera stores, just like Horn Photo.  
What happens at a PRO Convention?   Is it a bunch of drunk men? And is that why you love your job?
It’s waaaay better than that.
It’s a lively group of women and men PRO members from all over the country.  We share our experiences and ideas of how to better served the needs of our customers.
Disclaimer:  I might have a couple of adult beverages on the last day of the convention, but I always manage to wake up bright-eyed early the next morning.

Are only PRO members allowed at the convention? Are Nikon, Sony, etc. barred from the convention?

The answer is No!
Big brand names area huge part of the PRO Convention. Nikon, Sony, Kodak, Manfrotto, Fujifilm, Tamron and Zeiss, just to name a few. The place is crawling with reps and their products.  They also love the PRO Convention, especially showing us their latest gear.  
It’s my job to talk to the reps and figure out what products that you’ll love to see in our store.
Much of what you see in our store, from cameras, to picture frames, to tripods, to camera bags, is represented at the PRO Conventions.

Okay, so Horn is a member of PRO.  What’s in it for me?

Affordable, quality products.  That’s how you can benefit from our membership in the PRO co-op.  
Have you noticed that many of the products that we sell at Horn Photo contain the ProMaster label?   These include tripods, filters, camera bags, memory cards…the list goes on and on.

What is ProMaster?

ProMaster is our house brand.  It was started by the PRO co-op.  We own it.  We control the products they manufacture, along with the quality.  ProMaster’s camera accessory products are comparable or better than many of the more expensive brands.
You will not see ProMaster products at B&H or Adorama. You will only find these products at independent camera stores.  Family owned local businesses, like ours.

What kind of warranty do ProMaster products have?

The ProMaster Promise:  ProMaster has a one year unconditional warranty.  We stand behind our line of products.  If you purchase a ProMaster product anywhere in the country, you can return it at any other camera store that carries ProMaster for an equal exchange. 

You make my job rewarding.  Thank you!

It’s my job to build relationships with our customers and our suppliers.  We know what products you want us to carry, because we listen to you!
Our success depends on your satisfaction when it comes to our products and services.  We have remained successful through all sorts of challenging times.  Thank you for helping me do my job!
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