You ask, what can we do with Grad Photos?

GRADS 2020 - A Unique Year. Make it Forever Fun

Remember your senior year?  Graduation? The ceremony, the parties, the pictures? Do you have a senior picture?  Is it framed? How about on a tote bag or on a dog tag?  Yeah. We didn’t think so.
Now, let’s zoom ahead to 2020.  Do you have a grad in your family?  Wow. This is a year to remember.  Make it Forever Fun. Commemorate your Grad with their memories of this very different year in a unique and personalized way.  
Horn Photo has many creative ways of printing your images.  Of course we have regular prints, printed on Kodak paper. Did you know that we also put photos on metal, canvas, wood, slate, and tile?  There’s even more!  We print on tee shirts, cuff links, necklaces, jigsaw puzzles, tote bags, mousepads, mugs, and more.  The list is too long to mention.  
Here are our top ten picks for keeping this year’s Grad’s memories alive forever: 

1. Wallet size prints

Wallet size prints are a must for any grad.   Now’s the time to get them printed and give them out to all of your family members. Give a stack to your Grad so he or she can hand them out to their friends and the people who they pretend to be friends with.  
Below is our price list for wallet sized prints.  You will see that the more you get, the less they cost per print.  It’s wise to get more than you think you’ll need.  You’d rather have too many, then not enough. Then, 40 years from now, you can use all the extras to line your flatware drawer.  
Here’s a link to pricing and ordering wallet size prints:

2.  Graduation Announcement Cards

Among our most popular items during May and June, are our personalized Graduation Announcement Cards. We have HUNDREDS of styles and templates to pick from. It's so easy to create your own cards on our website, and before you know it, we'll have them ready for you to send out!
A custom made Graduation Announcement Card will be a meaningful addition to your Grad's experience this year. You can surprise him or her with it, or let them create the design of their choice with the pictures that they've selected.
Even if you don't think you're interested in getting Graduation Announcement Cards for you and your Grad to send out, CHECK OUT OUR LINK ANYWAY! The cards are on par with professional Save the Date Cards and Wedding Cards. They're THAT GOOD!
Single & Double Sided Cards to pick from!
Here is a link for ordering cards: Graduation Announcement Photo Cards

3. Framed prints

Definitely get a good number of wallet size prints, but also make some larger prints that you can frame.  11x14 is a great size to put in a frame for parents and grandparents, and for the Grad. There may be other family members that you know would enjoy a smaller framed print of your Grad.  8x10 or 5x7framed prints are good for other members of the family.  It’s much easier for your friends and cousins to stash a smaller framed picture, and then take it out real quick and place it on the mantle, when you’re coming to visit.
Here is a link for ordering prints:

4. Fine Art Wall prints

You paid good money to get the image from the photographer that made your Grad look their absolute best, and even better than their best.  Put that up on your wall!  You can have it printed in a way that doesn’t even require a frame!  We can print on canvas, metal, even tile (see Earth Prints below)!  It will turn your Grad into a fine art wall piece.  
Get more information on our fine art prints here: 

5. Earth Prints

Earth Print
No, that is not a print made out of sprouts and fir bark.  This is much more classy than something you would find on the wall of a yurt. We mount the portrait on a porcelain tile that has the look of natural stone.  They are unique, beautiful, and compliment the portrait.  Earth prints are ready to hang.  
Check them out here:

Custom Tote Bag

6.  Wearable Grad

We have a wide variety of gift items that we can personalize with pictures of your Grad. How about a tote bag, a tie or a shirt? These unique items will be treasured by those who receive them, whether it’s the Grad or the Grad-parents, or the Grad-grandparents, or even the Grad-great-grandparents.  
Check out our selection of personalized wearable items here: 

7.  Grad Pads, Thank You Cards and Notepads

Your Photo on a Pad
What self-absorbed 18 year old wouldn’t want a notepad with his or her photo on every single page? Think about it.  They take selfies all day long, right?  It’s the perfect gift, and you don’t have to empty out what’s left of your 401k to get one or two.  Maybe they’ll even use it to make a list of the chores they plan on doing around the house this summer.  (Righhhhht.)
Say Thank You for the graduation gifts and money with a personalized card with your Grad’s image right on the front.
Bring in your image, or do it online.  Here’s a link to ordering customized Grad-Pads and notepads.

7.  Jewelry and Accessories for Young Men and Women Grads

Photo Jewelry
Girls and boys alike will love to get a keepsake that they can wear.  We have a number of different items that can be personalized with the Grad image of your choice.  Dog tags, key chains, necklaces, bracelets, and more.  
See our selection here:

8. Slate Tiles

Slate Print
You may have never seen a gift like this one.  We put your Grad’s image on a slate tile.  There are a variety of sizes and shapes.  They all have a built in stand, so there’s no need for a frame.  These are unique and have a great look.  
Here’s a link to ourSlate Tile photos:

9. Mugs, Mouse-pads and More.

 We love putting a mug on a mug.  Admire your Grad while you’re gulping down a cup of Jo, or experiencing the zen of a vessel of chai.  We have so many items to choose from.  Grandparents, and other relatives love these useful gifts that remind them of their Grads.
Here’s an idea!  Make a collage of images of your Grad from toddler to Grad on a mouse-pad!  Sure to be a hit!
Here’s a link to our selection of other gifts:
Order a Mug now!

What we cannot do:  

If a professional photographer took the photographs, but gave you a printable version of the digital image (does not have a watermark),then we are able to make prints for you.
However, we cannot print portraits that are owned by a professional photographer, or a photography studio.  If you had to purchase prints from the photographer or studio, and do not own the digital image, then Horn Photo cannot reproduce your portraits.
Thanks for reading!