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Horn Photo Restorations

Restoration Services Price List

Celebrating 40,000 photo restorations, one photo at a time

If you have photos in need of restoration, retouching, colorization, or repair, we have the answer! Your photos can be brought back to life and restored to their original appearance. Expert photo restoration preserves cherished memories and family history, allowing you to share beautifully restored photos with friends and family. Restored pictures also make a unique and personal gift. Our restoration services include the following: remove scratches, rips, discoloration and red spots; enhance contrast, color balance & exposure; adding or removing people or objects; manipulate background, eye color, body shape and other features; change black and white photos into color (i.e. colorize black and white photos); Change color photos into black and white; and adding text to photos.

Let Horn Photo give a fresh breath of new life into your old torn, stained, faded, or otherwise damaged photos with our professional restoration services. Our restoration technicians have done over 30,000 photo restorations for Fresno-area residents! Stop by the store and see examples of our past photo restoration projects and let us show you how we can bring your old photos back to life!

The process couldn’t be easier, too. Just bring us your old print or negative, and we’ll digitize it, restore it to your specifications, and make a beautiful, brand new print. So come on in for a no-obligations estimate and, of course, a cup of our famous Horn Photo coffee!

Restoration Pricing


Horn Photo Restoration Services
Restoration Options
Restoration Option Restoration Price
No Restoration - None or slight adjustments $0.00
Stage 1 - Minimal Photoshop work $15.00
Stage 2 - Photoshop corrections/repair $30.00
Stage 3 - Photoshop full repair / colorization $60.00
Stage 4 - Photoshop complete damage control $90.00
Media Price to Scan
Prints Negatives, or Slides $10.00
Larger than 8x10 $20.00
Output ($10.00 minimum)
Product Price
3x5 $5.00
4x5 $5.00
4x6 $5.00
5x7 $5.00
Wallets $5.00
8x10 $10.00
8x12 $10.00
11x14 $18.00
12x18 $24.00
12x36 $39.00
16x20 $39.00
16x24 $39.00
18x24 $49.00
20x24 $49.00
20x30 $59.00
24x36 $69.00
30x40 $79.00
Archive to CD $10.00
Email $10.00

Great care is taken in handling your old photos and family heirlooms. Scanning your picture to create a digital file allows us to edit the photo so we don't need to touch the original. We then enhance and restore the digital photo to its original appearance.