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Digital Archiving Services

Our photos are our memories, and chances are you’ll want to keep your memories safe for you—and your family—to enjoy for years to come. Horn Photo can help ensure that your memories are preserved by archiving your negatives, slides, and prints into a digital format on a CD or DVD.

Digital Archiving Price List
Digital Images
Service Price
To CD $4.95
To DVD $13.95
Prints scanned to disk
(under 8x10—minimum of 10)
Quantity Price
1-20 $1.99 each
20-75 $1.39 each
75+ $0.99 each
Film scanned to disk
(35mm & 120—minimum 10)
Quantity Price
1-20 $1.49 each
20+ $0.99 each
APS Film $7.99 per roll
Odd sized film to disk
(110, 126, 4x5 sheet film, etc.—minimum of 10)
Quantity Price
1-20 $1.99 each
20+ $1.59 each
Slides scanned to disk—minimum of 10
Quantity Price
1-19 $1.49 each
20-49 $1.09 each
50-99 $0.84 each
100-499 $0.54 each
500+ $0.44 each
($5.00 handling fee to remove slides from carrousel)
Album Pages scanned to disk
(12x18" max—minimum of 10)
Quantity Price
Any page size $2.99 each side